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Inaan is dedicated to provide the consumer with the very best service available. We are proud to represent any company we work for. We portray a quality work ethic and respect for both our job and our customers.

    Specializing in oilfield hauling, wire line, misc hauling and relocation of goods, Inaan can be used in most hauling situations. We have experienced steady drivers that we depend on to ensure our customers a job well done with 100% satisfaction. With the newest technology mounted on our trucks, an excellent service crew, and experienced responsible drivers, we ensure a job done to our full potential.

    Please feel free to click on a specific picture on the left of a truck, to view it's individual specs, jobs, and information. And be sure to check out the, "Truck in Action" Pictures to the right. Whenever you wish to come back to this main page, simply click on the picture of the truck and you will be directed back here.

   We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Contact Numbers and Information are as follows:

 ( 11485 97th Ave)
- Phone - 780-539-9057
- Fax - 780-532-8090

Oilfield Division

Dispatch Cell

Hi-way Division

Bryan Roche
 - OFFICE - 780-539-9057
- CELL - 814-0510

Airport Shop ( 10420 - 123 ST )

- PHONE - 780-513-1505
- Fax - 780-532-3376

If you have any questions or comments, please phone, or E-mail us at......           "inaan@inaan.com "

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